Our Features

Secure Payment Gateway

Paysenz uses state of the art encryption and anti-fraud protocols so you never need to worry. We keep all financial details and transaction 100% private secure and monitor it 24/7.

Smart Digital Invoicing

In this modern digital world, invoices have become digital money receipts. Paysenz offers a customizable and user friendly experience which is fast and pleasing to your clients.

Recurring Payments

Paysenz allows you to easily deploy "Accept and Submit" monthly recurring billing using our Automated Recurring Billing function. Your recurring billing runs on autopilot.

Reporting and Data Analysis

Paysenz keeps your payment data organized through our automated portal. This allows you to perform many types detailed analysis and queries to suit your needs.

Customer Management

Paysenz has built in customer management tools which integrate seamlessly with invoicing and payments allowing you to fully manage your customers relationships.

SMS & Email Marketing

Paysenz has a new built-in email and SMS communication module that let's tie your promotions directly to your customers and product sales all in one easy to use platform.